Time Flies! Celebrating 1 year of EHviation in Photos (Part 1: 2016)


When I began my undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary 6 years ago, I felt certain I’d find a career in aviation where my abysmal writing skills would be ignored. How times have changed. I never would have expected that a non-profit blog could be the key to higher education and a career in aviation.

This blog has been a true labour of love. Balancing the demands of a full-time job with the time required for researching material has become much harder than I expected at the start. My Photography sessions have taken on a new meaning; and while the editing and proofreading have not always been fun, I’m eager to bring new stories to print and more spectacular photos to your screens. Here are my top photos from the past 12 months, thank you for your continued following!

August 7th, 2016: YVR


August 13th, 2016: YVR


September 10th, 2016: YVR


October 2nd, 2016: YVR


October 26th, 2016: Austin Bergstrom & Houston Intercontinental

Houston Intercontinental

December 11th, 2016: YVR


Keep your eyes open for Part 2 with my best from 2017!










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