Celebrating a year of EHviation in Photos: Part 2- Best of 2017


When my favorite photography spot at YVR was compromised with a new security checkpoint (for more read Hot Air (1) ) the search was on to find a new shooting location. While nothing will replace the old location by the Avis Rental Car parking lot, there is a great location on the north side of runway 26R. While the bulk of my photos have been taken from that location, sprinkled into to this post are a couple photos from my trip to the UK where I had a day of shooting at London City. It’s been a great year so far and I’m hoping for more spectacular weather as Summer turns to Fall. Hope you enjoy my best shots of 2017! Cheers

January 15th, 2017: Calgary 


April 2017: London (LCY and LHR)

London City
Heathrow Terminal 2

April 30th, 2017: YVR


May 2017: YVR


June 2017: YVR


Lucky enough to see a couple spectacular liveries during June: #1 Air Canada’s TCA Livery #2 Alaska Airlines Stylish Scheme


September 9th, 2017: YVR


Finally got a great shot of Air Canada’s new livery!



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