I’ve been an Aviation Geek as early as I can remember.

Before getting stuck into the content, I’d just like to provide some background information about myself.

Growing up around Vancouver, I was instantly exposed to a variety of cultures which helped shaped my personality. After completing my high school diploma in 2011, I considered studying Aerospace Engineering. After some early struggles and a major change of plan, I completed my degree in Geography from the University of Calgary (BA-Arts) in 2016. Sensing that I would need additional education to enter the business sector, I began my Marketing Diploma at Langara College in Vancouver, which I should complete in the Spring of 2020. I’m hoping to get a management or business development job in the aviation industry upon completion of my diploma.

From an “avgeek” standpoint, I currently subscribe to Airways Magazine, CrankyFlier, and AirlineReporter (with whom I maintain a small profile). Over the past 20+ years, I’ve accumulated a pretty sizable collection of models, magazines, books, and other aviation paraphernalia; I’m hoping to one day do a piece about my collectibles!

With this blog, I’m hoping to examine current events and aviation articles pertaining to commercial aviation in Canada. I intend on covering content related to Canada’s airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, etc. Feel free to comment and ask my opinion on other issues, I’ll do my best to respond as promptly as I can.

Let’s see how this goes!

John Jamieson